Alvaro Ferreira Marques Azevedo
Assistant Professor

Alvaro F. M. Azevedo


Address: Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto
Civil Engineering Department
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias
4200-465 PORTO
Phone: +351 22 5081814

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 7 September 1958
Graduation:  Civil Engineering - Fac. Eng. Univ. Porto (Portugal) - 1981
MSc: Structural Engineering - Fac. Eng. Univ. Porto (Portugal) - 1985
PhD: Civil Engineering - Fac. Eng. Univ. Porto (Portugal) - 1995

Teaching activity at Fac. Eng. Univ. Porto (Portugal) since 1980

1980-1984: Strength of Materials - Resistência dos Materiais (3.ano)

1984-1987: Reinforced Concrete - Betão Armado (5.ano)

1988-2000: Structural Optimization - Optimização de Estruturas (MSc)

1990-1994: Numerical Analysis - Complementos de Cálculo Numérico (3.ano)

1990-2001: Bridges - Pontes (5.ano)

1992-2003: Mechanics of Solids - Mecânica dos Sólidos (2.ano) - SiFEUP web page

1995-2001: Structural Design Seminar - Seminário de Estruturas (5.ano)

1995-2003: Numerical Methods for Structural Analysis - Métodos Numéricos de Análise Estrutural (5.ano)

1996-2004: Computational Analysis of Structures - Cálculo Automático de Estruturas (5.ano) - SiFEUP web page

1997-2000: Computational Mechanics Laboratory - Laboratório de Cálculo Automático (MSc)

1999-2004: Object Oriented Programming and Graphical User Interfaces - Programação Orientada por Objectos e Interfaces Gráficas (MSc)

2000-2001: Numerical Methods - Métodos Numéricos (MSc - Univ. Minho)

2002-2003: Programming Techniques - Técnicas de Programação (MSc - Univ. Minho)

2003-2004: Advanced Structural Analysis - Análise Avançada de Estruturas (5.ano) - SiFEUP web page

2003-2004: Theory of Structures 2 - Teoria das Estruturas 2 (3.ano) - SiFEUP web page
Research Interests

Structural Optimization - Picture (188 KBytes)    Animation (4.40 MBytes)

Finite Element Analysis - Picture (66 KBytes)    PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Object Oriented Programming - PowerPoint Presentation (HTML)

Computer Graphics

Scientific Visualization - Picture (49 KBytes)    Animation (2.31 MBytes)   (Ocean model by Paulo Avilez Valente )

Graphical User Interfaces for Civil Engineering Applications - Picture (59 KBytes)
Participation in Research Projects

PRAXIS XXI - 2/2.1/MAT/346/94 - Solution of Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization Problems and Applications in Structural Analysis, Genetics and Finance

PRAXIS XXI - 2/2.1/CEG/33/94 - Behavior Models and Structural Design
Other Activities

Design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures in the period 1981-1984

Management of the Computer Center of the Civil Engineering Department of the Fac. Eng. Univ. Porto in the period 1986-2001
Other Interests

Proposal of a new bridge across the Douro River linking Porto with Gaia - Ponte da Ribeira / Ribeira Bridge

Proposal of a new bridge across the Douro River linking Porto with Gaia - Nova Ponte Pensil / New Pensil Bridge

Computer benchmarks - My benchmarks  -  Professional benchmarks

Jazz - WAV (193 KBytes)  -  MP3 (142 KBytes)

Off-road dirt-bikes - Picture (103 KBytes)


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