Software location:


Network Drive Connections


To be used directly from the Server (no installation required)


 Tools (ARJ, PKZIP, INTERLNK, etc.) F:\BIN\*.EXE
 Drawmesh F:\Femix386\Drawmesh.exe
 Paint Shop Pro 3 F:\PSP\Psp.exe
 Paint Shop Pro 5 F:\Paint Shop Pro 5\Psp.exe
 Word Star 3.40 F:\WS340\WS.COM

To download and install


 Acrobat Reader for Windows NT / 95 / 98 F:\PRE_INST\Acrobat_Reader_NT\ar32e301.exe
 Anti-Virus for NT / 95 / 98 / MS-DOS F:\PRE_INST\AntiVirus
 Internet Explorer 3.02 F:\PRE_INST\Internet Explorer 3.0\
 Netscape Gold F:\PRE_INST\Netscape\
 Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 F:\PRE_INST\NT4_Service_Packs\SP3_Intel\
 Windows NT 4.0 Hotfix for iomega Zip-Drive 100MB F:\PRE_INST\NT4_Service_Packs\Hotfixes-postSP3\
 Paint Shop Pro 4.12 F:\PRE_INST\Psp412\
 Portuguese dictionary Word files F:\PRE_INST\pt_spelling\
 ZX Spectrum 48k emulators F:\PRE_INST\Spectrum\
 Windows 95 Upgrade (SR1) F:\PRE_INST\Win95Upgrade\
 WinZip for Windows 95 F:\PRE_INST\\
 Word97 converter for Word95 F:\PRE_INST\Word97Converter\
 WS_FTP LE F:\PRE_INST\Ws_ftp32\
 Screen Reader F:\PRE_INST\Screen_Reader\
 GhostView F:\PRE_INST\GhostView\